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Joy Cooper

New Hurricane Evacuation Zones for Camden County

The Camden County Board of Commissioners recently approved new hurricane evacuation zones for Camden County. The county now features four zones to better reflect risk and evacuation management. Read more at: bit.ly/42dTaLy . #camdenstrong, #kingslandga, #stmarysga, #woodbine, #KnowYourZone While there are new evacuation zones, it is important to note that the evacuation routes have not …

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Rethinking Backup Offers

Rethinking Backup Offers Like with any professional, there are tools and techniques available to help with particular situations.  They might be more popular at certain times and might even be put aside or forgotten at others. For real estate professionals, one of those is the backup offer. In a situation where there are multiple offers, the seller …

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Standard Deduction or Itemize

Lower mortgage rates in 2020 & 2021 plus the limitation on state and local taxes made it better for some homeowners to take the standard deduction. Learn more at https://betterhomeowners.com/…/Compare-to-Determine…

Daylight saving time

USA TODAY NETWORK Fri, March 10, 2023 at 5:50 AM EST·3 min read In this article: William Willett Proponent of British Summer Time Daylight saving time will return at 2 a.m. Sunday when clocks will spring forward one hour and we’ll lose that hour of sleep. The good news: The sun will set an hour later for the …

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Playing Monopoly Is Good Homework – 3/8/2023 If you’ve ever been in a Monopoly game after most of the properties have been purchased and developed, it can be a relief to land on Free Parking, knowing the dice must rotate to the next player giving you a respite from paying rent.  Like the game, in real …

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Elementor #11458

An Investment Alternative that Most People Are Familiar Rental homes offer the investor large loan-to-value mortgages at fixed interest rates for long terms on appreciating assets with tax advantages and reasonable control that other investments don’t necessarily have. https://betterhomeowners.com/JoyCooper/2023/03/03/An-Investment-Alternative-that-Most-People-Are-Familiar


The Strongest Reason Yet to be Pre-Approved There is a “risk-based” pricing adjustment for borrowers with a debt-to-income ratio over 40%, which could affect most borrowers in today’s market called the Loan Level Price Adjustment Framework. https://betterhomeowners.com/JoyCooper/2023/03/02/The-Strongest-Reason-Yet-to-be-PreApproved