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Camden County Homestead Exemption

Camden County Board of Assessors Homestead Exemption.

Each resident of Georgia is entitled to a homestead exemption on his orher home that is actually occupied by the owner as of January 1 of the taxable year. The home must be the owner’s primary, legal residence for all purposes, including vehicle and voter registration. How do you get started?

  • Have a valid Goverment issued ID with the current primary residence Address.
  • Vehicles of property owners must be registered in Camden County and property owners voters registration must be in Camden County.
  • Eligibility is anyone who owns and occupies a property and is 18 years of age or older.
  • Applications for exemption can be found at the Tax Assessors Office oron the Camden County Georgia website on the tax assessor page. www.co.camden.ga.us
  • Remember, Homestead canonly be granted to one property per household and must be your primary residence. Homestead will not be granted if a property owner recieves exemptions already in Camden County , or in another County or State.

Information from Camden County Board Of Assessors Homestead Exemption Pamphlet is deemed reliable not guaranteed .

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