Relocate to Kingsland

Military Relocation to Kingsland, GA

If you’re tired of moving from one random locale to another and only finding out what a place is about until you’ve arrived, you may want to reconsider your approach to your military relocations. At ERA King’s Bay Realty, we want the next place to which you relocate to feel like home, not like just another stop along your journey. If your new assignment takes you to Naval Air Station Jacksonville or Mayport Naval Station, consider making your next military relocation to Kingsland, GA.

What You Need To Know About Kingsland

Kingsland is just a short commute to Jacksonville and takes the average driver just 34 minutes to get from home to work. For this reason, a good quarter of the town’s population is comprised of armed forces members or civilian veterans. Kingsland is preferable for many because of its small population, low cost of living and diverse yet young population. The median age of residents is 30.4, which is perfect for those who are of child-rearing age.

Why Choose Kingsland Over Jacksonville

Kingsland is a happy medium between local small town St. Marys and the big city of Jacksonville, FL. The over school rating of the county is an eight, which is higher than average for the nation. The student to teacher ratio is a perfect 14:1, with a high of 17:1, still better than average. The Jacksonville school rating is five, with a comparable student to teacher ratio of 16:1.

Kingsland has a cost of living rating of 92.8, which is lower than the national average. Jacksonville’s is slightly lower, with a rating of 92. However, the average income is significantly higher in Kingsland, at $57,449, compared to Jacksonville’s $46,768.

Family Fun in Kingsland

In addition to being kid and bank-account-friendly, Kingsland is just an overall fun place to live. If it’s just you and the spouse, or just you and your buddies, you’ll enjoy the close access to the Laurel Island Links Golf Course or Trident Lakes Golf Club, two of the area’s year-round golf courses. If you have little ones to entertain, take them to Beau’s Barnyard, where you can introduce them to baby chicks, bunnies and more. St. Marys Submarine Museum is the largest of its kind in the south and boasts historic treasures from the navy. Several companies along the river offer white water rafting tours, which can be fun for the whole family, and the local harbor offers fishing charters, scuba dives and sailing.